Creating your own filmed material is a highly effective way to spread your message online.

iPad and smartphone filming can be learned quickly – with follow up support, you can develop more advanced skills.

We provide training sessions on a one-to-one or small group basis. We take you through the fundamentals of capturing professional-quality shots, before looking at the structure of a successful short film and how to edit and upload.


Worcestershire County Council is transforming the way it communicates with the public.

A large part of this change is to use social media platforms more effectively, by posting short videos and clips that showcase the council’s work.

Staff in their comms teams have been trained by Clear Picture – from basic filming skills through to editing and more advanced storytelling techniques.

You can view a selection of their work on their Youtube channel.


Warwickshire Wildlife Trust utilises video to promote its work, with a mix of professional and self-shot material.

We trained a single member of staff to create video content.

These skills were used to promote different aspects of their work, from hedgehog protection to summer activities for young people.